African Jade
African Jade

African Jade

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We have a large range of natural African Jade beads to enhance your jewellery projects. Our beads are drilled with a 1mm hole and are of the highest quality. 
Our range of natural African Jade beads is sure to enhance any jewellery creation!  All high quality A Grade beads.

The 'Stone of many Colours', this stone resonates well with each main energy centre of the being, helping to bring harmony to the mind, body and spirit. Jade overall is a gentle natured stone; loving, soothing, caring and uplifting. It is a stone that gives support in times of need, and a hand of hope.
African Jade is a semi-precious gemstone that varies in shade from Kelly to forest green. It looks similar to Nephrite Jade, but, it is really composed of massive, opaque Green Garnet, mined in Africa. ... 

Approximate beads per strand for a full 16″ strand:

Bead Size Beads Per Strand
4mm 100
6mm 65
8mm 50
10mm 40
12mm 33