Russian Nephrite  Jade

Russian Nephrite Jade

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We have a large range of Natural Russian Nephrite Jade beads to enhance your jewellery projects. Our beads are drilled with a 1mm hole and are of the highest quality. 
Our range of Natural Russian Nephrite Jade beads is sure to enhance any jewellery creation!  All high quality A Grade beads.

 Jade overall is a gentle natured stone; loving, soothing, caring and uplifting. It is a stone that gives support in times of need, and a hand of hope.

Russian Nephrite jade is a powerful stone of manifestation and it brings dreams and hopes into reality. Russian Nephrite jade is also popular for being a powerful emotional healer, bringing emotional stability to anyone struggling with regulating their feelings.

Russian Nephrite  Jade is a semi-precious gemstone that come in varied shades of  beautiful greens. 

Approximate beads per strand for a full 16″ strand:

Bead Size Beads Per Strand
4mm 100
6mm 65
8mm 50
10mm 40
12mm 33