Gemstone Properties

Many people believe strongly in Gemstone Properties. Throughout history, many cultures have treasured gemstones for their beauty.  In addition, many believe gemstones emit energetic vibrations; helping to balance and heal the body mind and spirit.

We have compiled a reference guide of some of the most common gemstones, and their reputed properties.

Agate – A soothing and calming stone, which assists with self-confidence and concentration.  Also aids perception, analytical abilities and lactation.  Heals emotional trauma

Agate (blue lace) – A cooing and calming stone, helps counteract mental stress as well as reducing fear of rejection and judgement.

Agate (Dendritic) – Known as a stone of abundance, it brings fullness to all areas of life.  This stone creates a peaceful inner and outer environment, and has a very strong connection with the plant kingdom.  It encourages enjoyment of each moment, as well as deepening your connection to the earth.  Dendritic Agate takes time for its full effect – be patient, it works slowly.  Dendritic Agate also encourages stability in a time of strife or confusion – it will help you remain centred and see difficulties as a challenge.

Within the body (Physically) Dendritic Agate resonates with anything that branches such as blood vessels and nerves.  It also assists skeletal disorders.

Agate (moss) – An abundance stone. Improves self-esteem, aids in fear release and release of deep stress.  Assists in getting along with others, offers inspiration and promotes self-expression and communication.  Balances emotions, encourages trust and hope; helps depression.

Amazonite – This stone is extremely soothing. It calms the brain and nervous system. Excellent protection from electromagnetic pollution. Helps see different points of view, soothes emotional trauma, alleviates worry, fear and dispels negativity.

Amber – Brings stability, motivates. Counteracts depression; stimulates intellect, promotes positive mental state, creative self-expression. Brings balance, patience, encourages decision-making. Useful memory aid. Encourages peacefulness, trust, wisdom. Learn more about many benefits of amber here.

Amethyst – Promotes calm, serenity, and spirituality. Helps with addiction and stress, headaches, blood sugar imbalance; left brain imbalances; edginess; facilitates healing; inner peace; psychic insight; stimulates third eye; aid for meditation, spiritual opening & internal surrender. Increases vivid dreams, relieves depression.

Ametrine – (coming soon)

Angelite – Angelite is a lovely blue stone with a peaceful energy that is calming and soothing… and a vibration that is very helpful to aid contact with beings in the higher realms and in particular with members of the angelic kingdom. Many people choose to use it is because it both aids you to connect with angels, and is also helpful to assist you to make contact with spirit guides. In many people it may also stimulate the birth of psychic gifts, and aid channelling and mediumship. It is a strong communication stone, and an extremely helpful healing crystal, that will benefit you in a number of ways.

Apatite – Apatite assists with social ease, stimulates creativity and the intellect.  Clears confusion, Increases motivation and builds up energy reserves. Eases sorrow, apathy, and anger. Reduces irritability and overcomes emotional exhaustion.

Aquamarine – Excellent to help quiet the mind and reduce stress as well as removing extraneous thoughts. Aquamarine clarifies perception and sharpens intellect. Increases tolerance, overcomes judgements. Supports feeling overwhelmed by responsibility. Encourages responsibility for self & Breaks old self-defeating ways. Brings closure, protects against pollutants.

Aventurine – Strengthens and reinforces leadership qualities and decisiveness. This stone promotes compassion and empathy. It encourages perseverance, defuses negative situations and turns them around. Stabilises the mind, stimulates perception, and enhances creativity. Calms anger and irritation.

Azurite (with Malachite) – Brings about clear perspective, releases long-standing blocks in communication and stimulates memory. Clears stress and worry. Encourages risk-taking and change. Breaks outworn patterns. Encourages expression of feelings. Supports friendships.

Bloodstone – One of the most recommended stones for blood and circulation issues. Bloodstone is an immune simulator and energy cleanser. It is believed to neutralise toxins. Believed to be helpful with menstrual cramps, anaemia, blood clots, haemorrhoids, birthing/reproductive issues and imbalance. It has been used for cleansing heart and blood circulation, marrow, thymus and lungs. Helps purify toxic blood and detoxify the kidneys, liver, and spleen.

Calcite – Clears negative energies. Increases energy. Creates emotional intelligence. Motivates. Calms the mind. Boosts memory. Aids transformation of ideas into action. Alleviates emotional stress, replacing it with serenity. Strengthens ability to overcome setbacks.

Carnelian – Improves analytic abilities, clarifies perception. Removes extraneous thoughts. Brings one back to reality. Sharpens concentration. Protects against envy, rage, resentment. Useful for overcoming abuse. Calms anger, emotional negativity.

Charoite –  This crystal is recommended for alcohol and food detoxification. It is said to regulate blood pressure, as well as regenerate the body in times of fatigue. Because this stone is closely related to the heart, it has historically been used to treat insomnia in adults and children. Put Charoite under your pillow, especially if you are prone to disturbed sleep or fears which come up in dreams. In combination with amethyst, it will help to release these fears. This stone treats other heart and nervous system disorders such as bi-polar and autism.

Chrysocolla – Tranquil, sustaining stone. Alleviates guilt, reverses destructive emotional programming. Improves communication, knowing when to keep silent. Encourages self-awareness, balance. Imparts confidence, sensitivity. Enhances personal power, inspires creativity. Overcomes phobias. Motivates. Reduces mental tension.

Chrysoprase – Promotes hope, security, trust. Aids personal insights, creativity. Calming, relaxing, aids peaceful sleep. Creates openness to new situations. Overcomes compulsive or impulsive thoughts, actions, turns attention to positive events. Combats judgmentalism, stimulates acceptance. Stimulates mental dexterity.

Citrine – helps digestion and aids in mental and intellectual functions. Increases self-esteem and energy. Balances and dissipates negative energy. Heart, kidney, liver & muscle healer; appendicitis;gangrene; red & white corpuscles; digestive tract; cleanses vibrations in the atmosphere; creativity; helps personal clarity; will bring out problems in the solar plexus & the heart; eliminates self-destructive tendencies.

Fluorite – Helps discern, stop outside influences. Protects from stress, negativity. Overcomes disorganisation. Improves physical and mental coordination, balance. Dissolves fixed ideas, helps move from narrow to bigger picture. Dissolves illusions, reveals truth. Increases concentration. Helps absorb new information, promotes quick thinking. Stabilises.

Garnet – Energising. Revitalises, purifies, balances energy, bringing serenity or passion. Inspires love, devotion. Fortifies, activates, strengthens survival instinct, brings courage, hope. Turns a crisis into a challenge. Sharpens perception. Dissolves no longer useful ingrained behaviours and bypasses resistance. Helps let go of useless, obsolete ideas.

Hematite – Hematite is associated with the Spleen, blood, and cleansing. The iron in this mineral has a strong effect on the blood. Used in supporting the kidney’s blood-cleansing function. Recommended for those with anaemia. Helps in tissue regeneration. Hematite is given to those who need to regroup after jet lag, stress, birth and anaesthesia. Hematite aids absorption of iron in the small intestines and benefits all fluid functions in the body. Egyptians used hematite to calm hysteria and anxiety and was used for amulets. Roman soldiers wore it for protection. The Chinese see hematite as being more Yang in nature. Native Americans used red ochre for ceremonies and for war paint.

Howlite – Extremely calming. Aids insomnia. Formulates ambitions, aids achievement. Teaches patience, eliminates rage, uncontrolled anger, selfishness. Stills the mind. Strengthens memory, stimulates desire for knowledge.

Iolite – Aids understanding and releasing causes of addiction. Helps one to express true self, free from others’ expectations. Releases discord. Encourages self-responsibility. Overcomes codependency.

Iron Pyrite – Blocks negative energy, pollutants, diseases. Overcomes inertia, feelings of inadequacy. Stimulates ideas. Promotes diplomacy. Relieves anxiety, frustration. Boosts self-worth, confidence. Accelerates mental activity, improves memory, recall. Aids melancholy, deep despair. Increases energy, overcomes fatigue.

Jade – Protects, cleanses, keeps wearer from harm, brings harmony, love, nurturing, attracts good luck, friendship. Stabilising. Promotes self-sufficiency. Releases negative thoughts, soothes the mind. Stimulates ideas, makes tasks seem less complex, encouraging immediate action. Encourages one to become who one really is.

Jade (Blue/Blue-Green) – Symbolises peace, reflection. Brings inner serenity, patience. The stone for slow but steady progress. Helps those who feel overwhelmed by situations beyond their control.

Jade (Green) – Calms the nervous system and constructively channels passion constructively. Harmonises dysfunctional relationships.

Jade (Orange, Yellow) – Energetic and quietly stimulating. Brings joy, teaches connection.

Jasper – Sustains and supports during stress, brings tranquillity, wholeness. Imparts determination, courage to assertively deal with problems, encourages self-honesty. Supports during necessary conflict. Aids quick thinking, promotes organizational abilities, seeing projects through. Stimulates the imagination, transforms ideas into action.

Jasper (Brown & Picture) – Encourages ecological awareness. Brings stability, balance. Alleviates environmental stress.

Jasper (Red) – Gently stimulating. Grounds energy, rectifies unjust situations. Brings problems to light before they become too big, provides insights into difficult situations. Makes an excellent worry bead, calming emotions when played with. Strengthens one’s boundaries.

Jasper (Mookaite) – Imparts desire for new experiences and deep calm with which to face them. Encourages versatility. Points out all possibilities, assists in choosing right one.

Jasper (Picture) – Brings hidden guilt, envy, hatred, love to the surface. Once repression released, it’s seen as lessons along the way. Instills sense of proportion, harmony. Brings comfort, alleviates fear.

Jasper (Orbicular) – Supports service, assists in accepting responsibility, instilling patience.

Jet – Draws out negative energy, alleviates unreasonable fears. Stabilises finances, protects businesses. Promotes taking control of life. Balances mood swings, alleviates depression, brings stability, balance.

Kyanite – Stimulates intuition and compassion. Never requires cleansing. Encourages speaking the truth. Dispels fears, blockages, illusions, anger, frustration, stress. Encourages self-expression, communication. Increases capacity for logical and linear thought.

Labradorite – Deflects unwanted energies. Stimulates intuition, raises consciousness. Banishes fears, insecurities. Strengthens faith in the self. Removes other’s projections. Calms overactive mind, energises imagination. Brings contemplation and introspection. Dispels illusions. Useful companion through change, imparting strength, perseverance.

Lapis Lazuli – Blocks psychic attack. Harmonises, alleviates depression. Encourages taking charge of life. Encourages self-awareness, self-expression, creativity. Brings objectivity, clarity. Helps confront truth and accept what it teaches. Harmonizes conflict. Teaches value of active listening. Bonds relationships and friendship, aids expressing feelings and emotions.

Larimar –  helpful for cartilage and throat conditions, and dissolving blockages of the head, neck and chest. It is also used to relieve high blood pressure and help with stress-related illnesses, it may also alleviate infection, fever and inflammation. It may also be used to treat skin disorders aggravated by stress, such as hives, rashes, eczema and psoriasis. Use Larimar to overcome fear of doctors, hospitals, injections or surgery. It promotes clear and confident communication with health personnel. Larimar is a wonderful stone for mothers, during and after pregnancy. It helps in alleviating post-partum depression, and relaxes the stress associated with new parenthood. As a soothing Water element stone, Larimar cools hot tempers and guides excessive passion into peace.  Larimar promotes relaxation; it is a crystal of serenity. Use as a worry stone, or place in the home or workplace to assure a pleasant atmosphere. Hold as you sit on the seashore, or gaze into the sea-like patterns of the stone, to reconnect with the ebbs and flows of your inner tides. Simply wearing Larimar creates a fundamental awareness of the “all-rightness” of the world. Larimar is an excellent stone for finding a soulmate. It facilitates the healing of unresolved issues or fears, trauma to the heart, or past-life relationships.

Larvikite – Protection and Grounding.  Facilitates a strong connection with Earths Energies, and helps to connect with the spirits of nature.  Larvikite can enhance psychic abilities, and allow us to see the past.  It also repels negative energy. Increases our security in the strength of our own intellect, and also can stimulate creativity and wisdom.  Larvikite teaches patience, helps us understand and resolve complicated facts and also make rational decisions.  Useful for assisting learning disablilties, as it creates new pathways for information to travel.  Larvikite also can be used for skin disorders, aid in the recovery of strokes and help brain function.

Magnesite – Calming effect on emotions, promotes tolerance for emotional stress. Supports people who are nervous and fearful and helps them overcome irritability and intolerance. Teaches how to attentively listen to others.

Malachite – Powerful, protective, transforming stone. Easily absorbs negative energies, pollutants, radiation. Cleanse before and after use (placing on quartz cluster in sun). Encourages risk-taking, change. Draws out deep feelings, causes, breaks unwanted ties, outworn patterns. Teaches self-responsibility. Develops empathy. Alleviates shyness, supports friendships.

Moonstone – Heightens consciousness, promotes intuition, empathy. Calms overreactions to situations, emotional triggers. Balances male-female energies. Opens mind to serendipity. Soothes emotional instability, stress. Improves emotional intelligence. Enhances psychic abilities.

Obsidian (Snowflake) – Calms, soothes. Helps recognise and release “wrong thinking”, stressful mental patterns. Promotes dispassion, inner centering.

Onyx – Strength giving, facilitates being master of one’s destiny. Provides support in difficult or confusing circumstances and during times of enormous mental or physical stress. Promotes vigour, steadfastness, stamina, and self-confidence.

Opal – Stimulates originality, dynamic creativity, expressing one’s true self. Enhances self-worth, helps understand full potential. Intensifies emotional states. Brings loyalty, faithfulness, spontaneity, but may amplify any fickleness tendency where present.

Peridot – Cleanses. Clears burdens, guilt, obsessions. Teaches that holding on to people or the past is counterproductive, helps detach oneself from outside influences. Releases negative patterns, emotions, stress. Enhances confidence, assertion. Motivates growth, helps bring about necessary change. Promotes psychological clarity, well-being. Sharpens mind. Banishes lethargy, brings attention to things consciously or unconsciously neglected. Aids self-responsibility, forgiveness.

Prehnite – Calms, brings peace, protects. Helpful to “de-cluttering,” helps let go of unnecessary possessions and appropriately organise what is kept. Aids those who hoard possessions or love, because of an inner lack. Restores trust. Alleviates nightmares, phobias, and deep fears. Beneficial for hyperactive children.

Quartz – Absorbs, stores, releases, regulates, unblocks energy. Enhances psychic abilities, attunes to spiritual purpose. In meditation, filters out distractions. Aids concentration, unlocks memory. Aids healing.

Quartz (Ritulated) – Breaks down barriers to spiritual progress, letting go of past. Filters negative energy, supports during emotional release. Reaches root of problems and facilitates transitions, change of direction. Antidepressant. Relieves fears, phobias, and anxiety. Promotes forgiveness.

Quartz (Smoky) – Grounds. Gently neutralises negative energies. Teaches how to leave behind anything that no longer serves. Relieves fear, lifts depression, and brings emotional calmness. Alleviates suicidal tendencies and ambivalence. Dissolves negative emotions. Promotes positive, pragmatic thought.

Quartz (Snow) – Supports during learning lessons and helps let go of overwhelming responsibilities and limitations. Perfect for people who feel put upon whilst actually creating that situation because they need to be needed. Can overcome martyrdom and victimhood. Enhances tact and cooperation. Helps one to think before speaking.

Quartz (Tourmalinated) – Brings together properties of quartz and tourmaline. Grounds. Strengthens body’s energy field against external invasions and deflects detrimental environmental influences. Dissolves crystallised patterns, releases tension. Turns negative thoughts, energies into positive ones. Alleviates self-sabotage. Effective problem solver.

Rhodochrosite – Imparts dynamic, positive attitude. Helps assimilate painful feelings without shutting down, removes denial. Gently brings painful, repressed feelings to surface, for acknowledgement, emotional release. Helps identify ongoing patterns, face the truth, without excuses or reservations, but with loving awareness. Urges confrontation of irrational fears, paranoia. Improves self-worth, soothes emotional stress. Encourages creativity. Helps integrate new information. Lifts depression, brings lightness into life.

Rhodonite – Emotional balancer, nurtures love. Has ability to show both sides of an issue. Stimulates, clears, activates the heart. Grounds energy. Aids in achieving one’s highest potential. Heals emotional shock and panic, lends a supportive energy. Beneficial for emotional self-destruction, codependency, abuse. Assists forgiveness and reconciliation. Builds confidence, alleviates confusion.

Rose Quartz – Calming, reassuring, excellent for trauma, crisis. Attracts love, relationships, restores trust and harmony in relationships, encourages unconditional love. Gently draws off negative energy, replacing it with loving vibes. Strengthens empathy, sensitivity, aids acceptance of necessary change. Excellent for mid-life crisis. Soothes internalized pain and heals deprivation. Comforts grief. Encourages self-forgiveness, acceptance, invokes self-trust and self-worth.

Serpentine – helps one feel more in control of one’s life. Corrects mental and emotional imbalances. Assists conscious direction of healing energy toward problem areas.

Serpentine (Infinite Stone – light green serpentine) – Accesses and integrates past, present, and future. Promotes compassion and forgiveness for oneself and what one went through. Clears emotional baggage from previous relationships. Useful for confronting anyone from one’s past, bringing a gentle touch to the meeting.

Silver - Considered to improve speech and bring eloquence. It is also purported to attract, enhance and store the energies of gemstones, as well as draw out negative energies. Physically, silver is a natural antiseptic . Traditionally, it has been used to aid hepatitis treatments, eliminate toxins, expel toxins through the pores, headache, rheumatic pain, nausea and gastritis, obesity, diabetes, and increase assimilation of vitamins A and E. Silver is believed to benefit circulation, help lungs and throat, and detoxify the blood, to aid in the treatment of degenerative brain diseases, balancing of hormones and chemicals and improvement of nerve impulse transmission.

Sodalite – Clears electromagnetic pollution. Helps “sick-building syndrome”. Eliminates mental confusion. Encourages rational thought, objectivity, truth. Calms the mind, allowing new information to be received. Stimulates release of old mental conditioning and rigid mind-sets, creating space to put new insights into practice. Brings about emotional balance and calms panic attacks. Enhances self-esteem and self-acceptance, and self-trust.

Sugilite – Protects from shocks, trauma, diresinpointments. Helps sensitive people from becoming despondent. Aids forgiveness, eliminates hostility. Beneficial for people who do not feel the earth is their home. Overcomes learning difficulties. Excellent for autism, helps ground into present reality. Imparts ability to face up to unpleasant matters. Alleviates sorrow, grief, fear, promotes self-forgiveness. Encourages positive thoughts and reorganizes brain patterns that underlie learning difficulties such as dyslexia.

Tiger’s Eye (Blue) - Assists accomplishing goals, recognizing inner resources. promoting clarity of intention. Differentiates between wants and needs. Integrates brain hemispheres, enhances practical perception. Aids in collecting scattered information to make a coherent whole. Helps resolve dilemmas, internal conflicts. Heals self-worth, self-criticism, and blocked creativity. Helps recognize one’s talents and abilities, and faults that need overcoming. Supports addictive personalities to make changes. Balances emotionally, energizes. Alleviates depression, lifts moods. Calming and releases stress. Aids the overanxious, quick-tempered, and photic. It slows the metabolism.

Tiger’s Eye (Yellow) - Assists accomplishing goals, recognizing inner resources. promoting clarity of intention. Differentiates between wants and needs. Integrates brain hemispheres, enhances practical perception. Aids in collecting scattered information to make a coherent whole. Helps resolve dilemmas, internal conflicts. Heals self-worth, self-criticism, and blocked creativity. Helps recognize one’s talents and abilities, and faults that need overcoming. Supports addictive personalities to make changes. Balances emotionally, energizes. Alleviates depression, lifts moods. Aids paying attention to detail. Assists acting from reason not emotion. Excellent for tests, important meetings.

Tiger’s Eye (Red) - Assists accomplishing goals, recognizing inner resources. promoting clarity of intention. Differentiates between wants and needs. Integrates brain hemispheres, enhances practical perception. Aids in collecting scattered information to make a coherent whole. Helps resolve dilemmas, internal conflicts. Heals self-worth, self-criticism, and blocked creativity. Helps recognize one’s talents and abilities, and faults that need overcoming. Supports addictive personalities to make changes. Balances emotionally, energizes. Alleviates depression, lifts moods. This stone stimulates; overcomes lethargy and provides motivation. It speeds up a slow metabolism.

Tourmaline – Aids understanding oneself and others, promotes self-confidence, diminishes fear. Banishes feeling of being a victim and attracts inspiration, compassion, tolerance, and prosperity. Powerful mental healer, balancing right-left brain hemispheres and transforming negative thought patterns into positive ones. Treats paranoia, dyslexia, improves hand-to-eye coordination and assimilation and translation of coded information.

Topaz – Brings joy, generosity, good health. Brings successful attainment of goals. Induces relaxation. Releases tension. Aids problem-solving. Excellent emotional support.

Turquoise – Heals, dispels negative energy, protects. Promotes self- realization, assists creative problem-solving and calms nerves when speaking in public. Strengthening stone. Dissolves martyred attitude or self-sabotage. Aids creative expression. Stabilizes mood swings, brings inner calm. Excellent stone for exhaustion, depression, or panic attacks.

Unakite – Stone of vision. Balances emotions with spirituality. Grounds. Reaches root cause of disease bringing it to surface to be transformed. Integrates information from past that creates blockages, gently releases conditions inhibiting growth.

Thankyou for reading our Gemstone Properties, if there is one missing please let us know!