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Micro Knotting Thread (S-Lon)

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Thread -Micro  S Lon Bead Cord - Approx 70 metres Per Bobbin. Perfect for knotting Amber and Gemstone jewellery Items, this thread fits through all of our beads and comes in a variety of beautiful colours.
Micro Knotting Thread is a fantastic, durable strong thread which is perfect for knotting Amber and Gemstone Jewellery products. This thread is the perfect thickness to fit through all of our drilled beads and plastic clasps and it comes in a large variety of colours - you can match the beads or contrast them either way it looks fantastic! If you are looking for a thicker thread, have a look at our Standard Knotting Thread ( S-Lon ) or  Macrame thread here, perfect for all jewellery and macrame style applications and also comes in a range of stunning colours.

Volume Discounts:

If you purchase 4 or more threads in one transaction, you get 15% off each spool - this means you only pay $6.54 each!