Crushed Amber Resin Necklace
Crushed Amber Resin Beads

Round Crushed Amber mixed with Resin Beads 5 grams

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5 grams per 1 lot. Each bead is drilled for threading. They are constructed of crushed amber pieces, set in white resin. 100% genuine Baltic Amber sourced in Lithuania. All our Amber comes from the Baltic Sea Region is is cut and polished in the traditional fashion. Min qty is 5 grams 50-55 beads approx
There is something incredibly special about amber, it is without a doubt one of the most beautiful products to create jewellery with and our stunning Round Crushed Amber Resin Beads are the perfect inclusion in your jewellery projects. Each Amber piece is drilled for threading, it can sometimes fracture and is advised not to use on wire. The Amber beads can vary slightly in size.  Please note that we try and give only all one size in the beads, but occasionally you will get some variations. Amber - Brings stability, motivates. Counteracts depression; stimulates intellect, promotes positive mental state, creative self-expression. Brings balance, patience, encourages decision-making. Useful memory aid. Encourages peacefulness, trust, wisdom. We do recommend using S-Lon Thread with the amber not wire as it is quite brittle and can break more easily than other stones. For colour matching threads and claps, check out our colour chart here.

Our amber is all tested to ensure it is genuine.